The ETI Guardian technology is a patented and scientifically tested approach to utilise background electromagnetic radiation (often referred to as Electrosmog) to provide two beneficial functions. The first is to absorb a proportion of the radiation from high frequency cellular and wireless signals, and the second is to use the absorbed radiation as a power source for the improvement of the quality and freshness of water.

This new technology embodies two important functions:

  1. To absorb energy from the surrounding background electromagnetic radiation, and from devices that transmit and receive radio and microwave signals. Absorbing high frequency energy that is considered to have a potentially negative and harmful effect on living organisms, and store this energy for use as a power source for beneficial functions.
  2. To use the absorbed electromagnetic radiation in an activation process to raise the general energetic dynamics and quality of the closely surrounding water and in drinking water.

In normal daily life we are exposed constantly to the effects of electromagnetic radiation from a host of wireless transmitting devices. Cellular phones, wireless networking, digital communications, RFID, TV broadcasts, and satellite transmissions all contribute to an enormous background of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies.