Лазер Delta меридианная насадка

+ Non-diffusing Light Bristles
+ 980 nm Infrared Laser
+ Light Emitting Diodes: Red, Indigo Violet, Yellow/Green
+ Magnetic Field
+ Light weight 90g (3.2 oz)
+ Life-time Technical & Healing support for your Delta Laser



Bristling with healing light, the versatile Meridian Terminal, with its unique shower of LEDs, can be used to stimulate the scalp for greater well-being, as well as prevention of hair loss and improving its condition, making it shiny and healthy. Once inserted in the Hand Device this Terminal can also be used in the treatment of conditions as varied as Alcoholism, Otosclerosis, Skin rashes and Mild Psoriasis, and last but not least in the treatment of Animals. Operates through infrared laser, magnetism and colour LEDs working coherently together.


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